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All things LinkedIn

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Most of us small business owners and freelancers have a LinkedIn Profile and we kind of know what it is all about but not really?! Well during our LinkedIn Business Class here at fSpace we went through the basic set up and now we are hooked and inspired and this is just the beginning!

These are our 3 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out;

1. It’s all in your Headline Use your headline as your selling point. It’s the first thing people see about you. What differentiates you? What makes you special? What do you want to be known for? Put it all in your headline. Don’t be shy this is your opportunity to shine!

2. People are Search Engines In your profile section change your default setting from ‘Personal Website’ to ‘Company Website’ and enter your business website. Here you can also add your business blog if you have one. A name link will give you a better ‘click through’ rate you want people and search engines to find your business online.

3. Lost in Translation Your profile has a unique online address, which exists of numbers and characters the typical cyberspace-jargon, no one will recognise. In your LinkedIn profile you can edit your public profile URL and translate it to something people will recognise. Put your business name in here or anything you feel looks good and is catchy to remember. Many people use their LinkedIn URL on their business cards, email signatures and other online exposure.

See LinkedIn as your online shopfront, your glossy add in your favourite magazine. There’s so much more to LinkedIn and it’s hard to do it all by yourself. That’s why a 2 hour business class is worth it. We help each other, inspire and create different angles on each others business. That’s what Co-working is all about.

Stay tuned for our next session in August. And in the mean time feel free to ask questions – we always happy to chat!

Seeing Creative Things Grow

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Way back when – when fSpace was embarking on its co-working journey – we had the awesome design collective ‘The Arts Cartel’ create a grand mural on our main wall! The space we occupy shapes who we are and recent psychology and neuroscience findings say a creative work space will improve your productivity and happiness. This awesome mural continues to inspire us fSpacers every day!

Big thank you to Brendan from http://vammedia.com/ for this video masterpiece.

Why it’s better to work from fSpace than a cafe!

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While Fremantle is renowned for its excellent coffees, the quirky coffee shops weren’t designed as an optimum space to get business done. Luckily fSpace is!


Some of the things that make co-working office fSpace a more productive work space than a coffee shop is that we:

  • have power outlets at every desk, as well as having two printers
  • have super fast and unlimited internet
  • don’t have the overpowering noise of a busy cafefSpace; co-working; Fremantle; Perth
  • have a fridge where you can store your lunch, and a kettle and coffee plungers so you can make yourself an excellent brew – just the way you like it!
  • have meeting rooms where you can meet with clients or take phone calls if you want some extra privacy
  • keep your stuff safe – so you don’t have to worry about going to the bathroom!
  • have an awesome crowd of peeps that you can run your ideas by or talk to for inspiration
  • provide a fun, creative and chilled space to work
  • fSpace; coworking; fremantle; perth; shared officehave air con (as we’re sure you know – Perth can get really hot!) and big windows for natural light
  • are close to all the greatness of Fremantle!
  • want you to be here, so you can’t actually overstay your welcome! Spending a whole day at a cafe however…

The wonderful people who work in fSpace come for the great space in the awesome location that Freo is (and it’s only 30 minutes away from Perth CBD), as well as for the super fast and unlimited Internet access, the increased productivity and creativity, and to hang out with the other awesome fSpacers. Stop by one day to check out what fSpace is all about, or sign up for a free trial!

Work Hard, Play Harder!

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When you work hard, you also need to play hard! Luckily for our co-working colleagues at fSpace the play isn’t far away, as we have the fun and eclectic city of Fremantle right at our doorstep. Here is a list of some of our favourite things to do in Freo this summer season!


fSpace; coworking; Fremantle; PerthMonday: Cool down from the Perth heat with a lovely iced coffees at the many quirky cafes around Freo town. We love the iced coffees from Studio 37, Hush Espresso and The Banker!

Tuesday: Swim out to the pontoon at South Beach! Why not start the morning with a swim, or let the salt water wash your mind off work at the end of the day!

Wednesday: Fremantle stretches in every direction! Stay active and go for a bike ride over the bridge to North Fremantle. And refuel with a gourmet burger at Flip Side or enjoy the sunset at Leighton Beach.

Thursday: Watch an indie film like Bill Murray’s latest ‘St. Vincent’ at Luna on SX, and discuss the performances after with a drink at X-Wray!

Friday: Explore the 150+ stalls at the Fremantle Markets, ranging from souvenirs and homewares to fresh fruit and honey cake!

SBathers Beachaturday: Enjoy the view and the many food stalls (we’re talking Moroccan, Thai, Mexican, Pizza, French pastries, donuts, ice cream and much much more)  at the Bathers Beach Sunset Market. If you can still move after the feast, laugh the calories off with some live comedy at Creatures NextDoor.

Sunday: Sundays in Fremantle offer an abundance of activities! Start the day early with a trip to the Grower’s Green Farmer’s Market at South Fremantle Senior High School. Or just take it easy with some free ‘Sunday Music’ in the Front Garden Courtyard at Fremantle Arts Centre. This Sunday the dub/reggae band ‘The Weapon is Sound’ is playing from 2pm!

So much to do! What’s some of your favourites?

fSpace; insideOUT; Fremantle; co-working

Successful insideOUT!

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We had so much fun taking Fremantle insideOUT!

Together with the many cool and quirky shops of Market Street we organised insideOUT – celebrating Freo and local businesses! People could check out our outdoor co-working space and partake in activities such as the didgeridoo jamming session with Didgeridoo Breath, the bead workshop with The Bead Post, and ‘Talk Business” with Diana Simich.

A big thank you to Fremantle BID for their support, and to everyone who worked so hard to make the first edition of the insideOUT event the great success that it was!




fSpace 1st Bday YAY!

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Thanks heaps for your support dear fSpacers thanks to you we had a blast and got through our first year! We love working with every one of you and looking forward to see all your hard work flourish and flower.

Keep spreading the fSpace – word & keep up the good work.


Sabine & Petr


Opening Party!

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Thanks everyone for coming to our fSpace official opening party, it’s been awesome, overwhelming, amazing and very inspiring. Let us know what you think and tag and share your foto’s of last nights party