fSpace COVID Policy

Inclusiveness and respect for others are among our core values at fSpace. As a small, tightknit community, fSpace members naturally have a high level of awareness and care for one another.

The challenges of COVID are real, as are the dangers to many. While we in WA have been incredibly fortunate to date, many of us have family and friends elsewhere who have had a far tougher go.

We strongly believe that vaccination is the best way to protect ourselves and each other, not just from the obvious health risks, but to also to protect and preserve our businesses. We also recognise that this belief is not shared by everyone, and that the choice of vaccination is a personal decision.

fSpace supports and follows government health guidance. As such, we ask our members to follow COVID guidelines. This includes checking-in upon arrival and wearing a mask while in the space, except when eating or drinking.

By supporting these measures, we help protect ourselves and, more importantly, each other. We also believe these efforts will give fSpace the best chance to survive this next stage of the pandemic.

It is said that 90% of life is decided by how we react to it, with only 10% consisting of the actual events that happen. Literally every part of the world has endured longer lockdowns and much harsher restrictions. The vast majority of Western Australians are wearing a mask while at work, often in uncomfortable conditions. Surely, we at fSpace can do our part.

And there are positives.

Our borders will open before long and many of us will have the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends outside of WA. There are some early hopeful signs in several European countries that life may be returning to normal as COVID restrictions are being peeled back or eliminated altogether.

Community is important, especially now as we approach the finish line of many COVID restrictions.

We will get through this.

With thanks and love,

Sabine & fSpace