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fSpace Talks – AdHippo

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Dr. Christian Bauer from AdHippo was the latest presenter at fSpace Talks where he shared some insight and background into his business.

Christian began with the news that he is not in fact from Australia! Though in truth, his strong European accent and pronounced lack of ‘good day’s’ or even ‘mate’ was rather suspicious. Christian immigrated to Australia several years ago, mostly to keep his wife happy since she’s Australian. He then created and launched AdHippo with Joe Colgan who is based in Melbourne.

As their website intriguingly states, AdHippo connects advertising, sports and media content with clever technology. One of AdHippo’s primary efforts at the moment are to track TV advertising in every major city in Australia. This is done through computers with TV arials to access the TV channels. They automatically capture data 24/7 from all Australian digital TV channels. This immense amount of data is converted into smaller pieces and sent to several servers to be processed. Using proprietary software they developed, this vast advertising content is compiled and analyzed, resulting in information that is used by sports organisations, marketing companies and media providers. AdHippo creates accurate, consistent and real-time information and reports that can be used in a variety of ways, such as targeting specific customers and maximizing revenues.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep them busy, AdHippo is also developing more proprietary technology to perform similar detailed and accurate assessments of advertising on the Internet. To help with this work, Christian is utilizing the skills of a student from Edith Cowen University and has collaborated with others working from fSpace. 

Thanks again to Christian for giving us a glance into AdHippo. Visit for more information.

fSpace Lunch-Time Event

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XO Tea

Who:         XO Tea
What:        Tea Tasting & Discussion
When:       11:30 – 12:30, Wednesday, August 10
Where:     fSpace

Cost:          Free!


XO Tea is a new specialty tea producer based in Perth, WA. They specialise in making premium teas of the highest quality.

XO Tea started just over a half year ago, but they are already bumping the biggest industry player in WA, T2, out of some shops.

One of the owners grew up surrounded by his family’s tea plantations in Malaysia and is very passionate about tea. He recently changed careers from engineering into making tea and building a new business.

The XO Tea story is ambitious and adventurous. Come hear their story, learn a little more about tea, and taste some of their amazing product. Join us next Wednesday August 10 at 11:30 am.

Please RSVP to Sabine.