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fSpace Talks – Outcrop Consulting

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Thanks to eternally groovy Ward Scarff for dusting off his presentation skills and sharing a little about the journey that has taken him into his current role of owner of Outcrop Consulting, a company that specialises in Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Ward spent much of his career as a Human Resources Generalist until 1994 when he changed paths to focus purely on learning and development. This coincided with his then employer’s adoption of a wide area network in Australia. As the modern Internet was in its infancy in the mid-1990s, ‘on-line’ learning largely took place in learning centres – rooms with PCs & laptops lined up with courses on CDs (kids, ask your parents what those were).

When his employer needed to provide uniform training to about 17,000 learners in 2004, Ward became the senior administrator on this LMS.

Nearly everyone has encountered an LMS of some sort, be it to learn the policies or procedures of an employer, complete compliance training, or simply industry specific training. These programs often save time and money through reduced travel and are of particular interest to larger organisations that have reportable compliance training requirements, remote employees or high staff turnover.

Outcrop Consulting originated in 2014 after some relaxing and adventurous times up north in the Kimberley region of WA. Named after a rock formation at the end of his street in Kununurra, Outcrop Consulting helps clients select and implement an LMS from the more than 700 available worldwide. However, the true value comes from Ward’s expertise in support and developing the learning content that maximises the efficiency, effectiveness and inherent value of the LMS.

In addition to state government and large insurance companies, Outcrop Consulting has also collaborated with fSpace’s very own AdHippo. Ward is currently focusing on the franchise industry as a target market.

Visit for more info. Thanks again Ward!


fSpace Talks – Trifecta Creative Studio

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Kelly Wong from Trifecta Creative Studio was the latest victim willing participant in our fSpace Talks series. 

Kelly is a freelance Graphic Designer who works for many local businesses around Fremantle and Perth. In addition to logo and brand development, Trifecta Creative Studio offers graphic design print & online services for business stationary, book & magazine layout, advertising/marketing materials & signage, and bespoke invitations. 

Kelly shared her experience on recent project of producing a Greek cookbook for the local Greek community in Perth. The book was developed from concept to completion in collaboration with a food stylist and photographer. Working closely with the client, the 10-month project was a culmination of over 50 contributors and 90 recipes. The aim of the book is to unify the Greek community and to keep record of the recipes for future generations. Rather than publish this cookbook through a traditional publishing house, this cookbook is selling well through a Greek community and promoted through word of mouth. Contact Kelly for more information on the book, From Our GREEK KITCHEN to Yours.

Visit to see her latest creative projects. Thanks Kelly!


fSpace Talks – AdHippo

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Dr. Christian Bauer from AdHippo was the latest presenter at fSpace Talks where he shared some insight and background into his business.

Christian began with the news that he is not in fact from Australia! Though in truth, his strong European accent and pronounced lack of ‘good day’s’ or even ‘mate’ was rather suspicious. Christian immigrated to Australia several years ago, mostly to keep his wife happy since she’s Australian. He then created and launched AdHippo with Joe Colgan who is based in Melbourne.

As their website intriguingly states, AdHippo connects advertising, sports and media content with clever technology. One of AdHippo’s primary efforts at the moment are to track TV advertising in every major city in Australia. This is done through computers with TV arials to access the TV channels. They automatically capture data 24/7 from all Australian digital TV channels. This immense amount of data is converted into smaller pieces and sent to several servers to be processed. Using proprietary software they developed, this vast advertising content is compiled and analyzed, resulting in information that is used by sports organisations, marketing companies and media providers. AdHippo creates accurate, consistent and real-time information and reports that can be used in a variety of ways, such as targeting specific customers and maximizing revenues.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep them busy, AdHippo is also developing more proprietary technology to perform similar detailed and accurate assessments of advertising on the Internet. To help with this work, Christian is utilizing the skills of a student from Edith Cowen University and has collaborated with others working from fSpace. 

Thanks again to Christian for giving us a glance into AdHippo. Visit for more information.

Business Development Program – Round 2

By Fremantle Space

Fspace Dave Coggin Visit

Images by Miles Noel

A big thanks to Dave Coggin, Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, for his visit to fSpace last week.

The Deputy Mayor was on hand to mark the launch of the second round of the Business Development Program, a joint initiative between fSpace and The City of Fremantle to support small businesses.

As with the initial launch, this program helps subsidize workspace for qualified applicants who work within the creative industries.

The Deputy Mayor met with Sabine to discuss the program, including a review of the results from the initial program. He then chatted with a variety of people working from fSpace, including several participants from the initial program.

Applications for the program are now available. Visit for more information.

Thanks again to the Deputy Mayor and The City of Fremantle for their support with this program.

Fspace Dave Coggin Visit

Fspace Dave Coggin Visit

Fspace Dave Coggin visit

fSpace Talks – Reduce Aches & Pains

By fSpace Talks

14 September 2016 PERTH: fSpace Talks with Kieran Bell from Mouat Physiotherapy about postures, aches & pains at fSpace, Fremantle, Perth Western Australia, September 9, 2016 (Photo by Sabine Albers )

Kieran Bell from Mouat West Physiotherapy paid fSpace a visit to talk about how to maintain a good posture while sitting at a desk all day.

Kieran explained that good posture increases concentration, reduce fatigue, aches and pains and significantly lowers the risk of long-term muscle and skeletal problems.

Not only did we learn more about how our body works, but more importantly how stretching and keep moving is key to a healthy day at the office.

These are some of the key tips & tricks we all know so well but are so easy to forget:

  • Stretch your muscles
  • Keep moving
  • Set up your workstation properly

Regular basic stretching or simply taking a few minutes each hour to walk around will make a big difference, not only to your general aches and pains but to your concentration too.

So the next time we get a coffee, let’s stretch our shoulders in the doorframe or stretch those tight calf muscles. J

Keep moving rather than staring at a screen like a statue. Try moving around while you use the phone, maybe even walking up and down the stairs.

Take some time to get your monitor lifted, buy that wireless mouse and try our standing desks now and then to mix it up.

If you would like to learn more, contact Kieran or visit

14 September 2016 PERTH: fSpace Talks with Kieran Bell from Mouat Physiotherapy about postures, aches & pains at fSpace, Fremantle, Perth Western Australia, September 9, 2016 (Photo by Sabine Albers )

14 September 2016 PERTH: fSpace Talks with Kieran Bell from Mouat Physiotherapy about postures, aches & pains at fSpace, Fremantle, Perth Western Australia, September 9, 2016 (Photo by Sabine Albers )

14 September 2016 PERTH: fSpace Talks with Kieran Bell from Mouat Physiotherapy about postures, aches & pains at fSpace, Fremantle, Perth Western Australia, September 9, 2016 (Photo by Sabine Albers )

Colin’s Winning Formula

By Words by Colin Henley

FERMENT, WESTERN AUSTRALIA – May 16: fSpace Lunch Event, May 17 2016 (Photo by Sabine Albers )

Awesome work Colin Henley for writing a great piece about fSpace for Rate My Space:

My somewhat scattered working life of late has more than once prompted me to describe myself as having ‘sticky pie-fingers’. Dabbling in Sid’s architectural practice, moonlighting with Rate My Space and tutoring part-time in the School of Architecture at Curtin University certainly keeps things interesting. But the life of a so-called ‘contingent worker‘ as myself can be fraught with uncertainty and loneliness.

My port in the storm has been ‘fSpace’ – a co-working space in the Princess Chambers building in Freo. Here, entrepreneurs and folk, such as myself, who freelance for various businesses come together to work side-by-side but not ‘together’ as such (though cross-pollination definitely does occur). It’s been an interesting experience, to say the least. Personally I’ve found the social aspect at fSpace to be even more free-flowing than my previous, more ‘conventional’ workplaces. Perhaps it’s because the people who work there really crave the human contact they aren’t getting as a result of working remotely or autonomously?

Whatever it is, it’s a winning formula for me and the increasing number of Australian freelancers and entrepreneurs who are signing up for memberships to co-working spaces such as fSpace, Spacecubed and BubDesk. Do such spaces represent a blurring of the boundaries between workplace and ‘third place’?

Colin Henley, Architect based at fSpace




fSpace Talks Creative Writing

By fSpace, fSpace Talks

160907_fSpaceTalksDebFitz_05 1

A big thanks to Deb Fitzpatrick for speaking about her passions – creative writing and editing work – at the latest fSpace Talks.

Deb is an established author, with 5 published novels to date. Her focus is on youth and young adult fiction set in Western Australia. One of her books is taught in some primary schools.

It was interesting and inspiring to learn about her creative process, including how she develops an initial idea of a story into a fully developed and properly researched novel. Deb often finds inspiration through news stories and then applies that theme or challenge to a younger protagonist.

She also explained how important personal knowledge and experience is to her creative writing, from day-to-day conversations with her own kids to the less than glamorous living conditions in Costa Rica she endured for 4 years.

Visit Deb’s website for more information on her work.  

Stay tuned for details on the next fSpace Talks session.

160907_fSpaceTalksDebFitz_09 1160907_fSpaceTalksDebFitz_01

Internet Upgrade

By fSpace, Internet

Viber Upgrade

Great news! fSpace will soon have a major upgrade in our wifi performance! We are moving from our current 12/12 MBPS basic copper line to a 100/100 MBPS Ethernet over fibre connection.

For those who are not IT inclined, this will result in a massive increase in our wifi speed, taking us to among the leaders in WA in terms of performance.

This upgrade requires a new line being run from Market Street into our building and is a bit of a process. We expect to be live with this new connection within 8-12 weeks.

Condiments & Marinades

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We are celebrating Fremantle’s first ever condiment cookbook by fSpace based local graphic designer Kim-Vu.

Celebrating the Asian region, Condiments & Marinades of Asia was created by Ms Kim-Vu showcasing her recipes for the top six condiments from our neighbouring region including Kimchi, honey ginger rib marinade and Vietnamese peanut sauce. Originally inspired by traditional home-style Vietnamese cooking, and following a successful pop-up backyard experience (#roamingkithcenfreo) in sharing her recipes, Kim-Vu put her well-loved recipes together to share with others.

A self-published book, Condiments and Marinades of Asia is the first in a series of condiments cookbooks based on food from cultures all around the globe.  The launch of Condiments and Marinades of Asia is proudly sponsored by Brophy Estate Agent. Photography by Sabine Albers Photography.

Grab a copy from

We love your work Kim-Vu!

fSpace Lunch-Time Event

By Lunch-Time Event

XO Tea

Who:         XO Tea
What:        Tea Tasting & Discussion
When:       11:30 – 12:30, Wednesday, August 10
Where:     fSpace

Cost:          Free!


XO Tea is a new specialty tea producer based in Perth, WA. They specialise in making premium teas of the highest quality.

XO Tea started just over a half year ago, but they are already bumping the biggest industry player in WA, T2, out of some shops.

One of the owners grew up surrounded by his family’s tea plantations in Malaysia and is very passionate about tea. He recently changed careers from engineering into making tea and building a new business.

The XO Tea story is ambitious and adventurous. Come hear their story, learn a little more about tea, and taste some of their amazing product. Join us next Wednesday August 10 at 11:30 am.

Please RSVP to Sabine.