I just need some fSpace!!!

fSpace is a creative, co-working, open-plan office space right in the heart of Fremantle. Co-working spaces are popping up all over the world – and with good reason. They offer you
a productive environment where you can get real work done in a comfortable and
creative setting, without the stress and overheads of leasing a whole space on your own.

It’s OK, you can ask. Why should I rent an office space when I can work from home? Well, for starters, at fSpace you won’t be asked to take out the garbage. You won’t be tempted by day-time TV and your kids won’t gate crash your important Skype meeting.
Your house will be a home again and not a work station.

fSpace offers you all of the freedom of working from home without the distractions. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other people – remember them?

OK, so aside from my sanity, what else will I have access to?

  • a cool work space & own chair (Obviously!)
  • free internet (wifi adsl2+) (Centre of town, so faster speeds)
  • access to our meeting room
  • use of an A4 scanner & A4 colour printer
  • free/discounted access to fSpace events (to schmooze and booze)
  • discounted access to our event space
  • market street mailing address
  • use of a scooter to ride around Freo (nip around to get things done, without the pain of parking!)
  • use of our flat screen + apple TV presentation set (polished power-point presentations just a click away)
  • chill-out area
  • kitchen & fridge
  • tea & coffee (caffeine on demand)
  • endless creative networking possibilities with inspiring people

You can pay-as-you-go
and there are many options and payment plans available, so drop by and see us today, we’d love to have you!
Limited places available
so get your face in this space!