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June 2016

Happy birthday to us!

By Birthday, fSpace, Party Time

fSpace 3rd Birthday
It’s our birthday next month! fSpace turns 3 on July 1. No more terrible 2’s for us!

fSpace would like to thank all our business owners and awesome entrepreneurs, (past and present) for their support. Their passion, energy and enthusiasm are why fSpace has become such an incredible coworking community in Fremantle.

fSpace is growing as we enter our 4th year. We now have over 30 businesses from various industries working from fSpace. But more than the number of businesses, we are most pleased with the quality of the people who honour us by being part of our community.

fSpace is inspired by our members and I thank them for their passion, energy and open support of one another. It is thanks to our members that fSpace has become such an inspiring and motivating community of professionals and small business owners.

fSpace looks forward to continuing to inspire, motivate and support people as they chase their professional dreams. That’s another reason to celebrate!

Cheers everyone!


fSpace as a finalist

By City of Fremantle, Entrepreneur, Event, fSpace


The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce recently organised another great event, The Fremantle Business Awards for 2016. Held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, a broad and colourful selection of Fremantle’s business community gathered to celebrate their hard work and achievements in business.

The Esplanade Hotel filled up with business owners and entrepreneurs, most of whom looked spectacular having dressed to the theme of the film Casino Royale. Bright lights, classic Bond music, casino ballroom décor and even a shiny new Aston Martin all made the event something to behold.

fSpace was a finalist for the Excellence in Professional Services Awards. Although we didn’t walk away with the award (or drive away in the car), we did leave feeling even more inspired thanks to the other finalists and winners.

fSpace is ready for another year of great community, inspiration and success!

Exciting News

By Fremantle Space

Bulls Eye

Hello there,

Exciting news! fSpace is a finalist for a Business of the Year Award with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce for ‘Excellence in Professional Services’. Too bad it isn’t ‘Excellence in Best Cool Group of Fun Entrepreneurs’ because we would win every year! 😉

The Fremantle Business awards is an initiative of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce. Over 400 business owners and employees are expected to be on hand at the awards gala evening on June 10. This event is not just to announce the winners, but to celebrate exceptional business achievements within Fremantle over the past year.

Check out all awesome Fremantle finalists right here: