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February 2016

A Healthy Choice on Leake St.

By community

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fSpace is excited about the new trendy Melbourne style cafe in our very own little courtyard.

On top of being the newest addition to our building and serving up fine quality coffee and healthy, great tasting food, former MasterChef contestant Wade Drummond is also embarking on a unique new project in 2016 tackling nutritional education in WA schools and empowering children to feed themselves and their families.

Wade’s Cooking For A Generation Project aims to launch between February and April in the new year and will be targeted towards students between 10-12 years old in lower socio-economic schools around WA without access to things such as market gardens or proper food education.

They will lead the project which will be accepting volunteers with anything from basic to advanced cooking experience to help educate school children around Perth.

Volunteers will teach groups of students how to prepare and cook a dish over the course of an eight week period. By the end of that time, volunteers will have managed to teach kids the basics of nutrition and how to cook a decent meal.

“Ideally at the end of the project they will be able to make a simple meal for themselves and their family.”

Wade spoke to fSpace about his concern over how many children live off a diet of fast food and don’t actually have a clue what a fruit or vegetable even look likes.

“It’s important to teach kids how to make healthy food choices,” he said.

“How are they going to choose to eat healthy food they haven’t seen or tried them before?”

“I want to empower kids to feed themselves the right thing.”

The Leake St. Cafeteria owner also mentioned the fantastic local support he was receiving for the project after reaching his $15,000 Kickstarter goal with lots of people still hoping to contribute.

The plan is to add components of the project where if volunteers had even only basic food knowledge, then they could still take that and teach it at a school over the course of an eight week period.

“By the end of that time, volunteers will hopefully have managed to teach these kids the basics of nutrition and how to cook.”

“Ideally at the end of that they can make a simple meal for themselves and their family,” he said.

Wade is currently loving his recent sea-change living and working full-time from Freo. With the amazing produce from right next door’s grocer Kakulas Sisters, this ex-MasterChef contestant assured us he is never short of inspiration.

“The people curious enough to venture down the back of Kukulas or down a little secret laneway on Leake St. to find you are already willing to try something new,” he said.

If you like to know more about this awesome project stop by for a coffee or healthy bite to eat and a chat at Leake St. Cafeteria by walking through Kukula’s Sister on Market St. or following the yellow painted line through the alley way on Leake St.


More about Wade’s Cooking for a Generation project, click on the link below:
Wade’s Cooking For A Generation KickStarter