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While Fremantle is renowned for its excellent coffees, the quirky coffee shops weren’t designed as an optimum space to get business done. Luckily fSpace is!


Some of the things that make co-working office fSpace a more productive work space than a coffee shop is that we:

  • have power outlets at every desk, as well as having two printers
  • have super fast and unlimited internet
  • don’t have the overpowering noise of a busy cafefSpace; co-working; Fremantle; Perth
  • have a fridge where you can store your lunch, and a kettle and coffee plungers so you can make yourself an excellent brew – just the way you like it!
  • have meeting rooms where you can meet with clients or take phone calls if you want some extra privacy
  • keep your stuff safe – so you don’t have to worry about going to the bathroom!
  • have an awesome crowd of peeps that you can run your ideas by or talk to for inspiration
  • provide a fun, creative and chilled space to work
  • fSpace; coworking; fremantle; perth; shared officehave air con (as we’re sure you know – Perth can get really hot!) and big windows for natural light
  • are close to all the greatness of Fremantle!
  • want you to be here, so you can’t actually overstay your welcome! Spending a whole day at a cafe however…

The wonderful people who work in fSpace come for the great space in the awesome location that Freo is (and it’s only 30 minutes away from Perth CBD), as well as for the super fast and unlimited Internet access, the increased productivity and creativity, and to hang out with the other awesome fSpacers. Stop by one day to check out what fSpace is all about, or sign up for a free trial!